January 2020  


Helping Others through Mutual Efforts


A new initiative to journey with families in GISD area as they transition from living in insecure housing to a permanant housing solution.

Our goal is to partner with resources across the GISD area so that families can move to secure housing.


We are excited to partner with our first family.  


We have a list of needs that we have several ways you can donate:

1)  The larger items like 1 full bed & mattress set; 1 queen bed & mattress set & 1 loveseat will cost about $800 to purchase. (Taken Care of by 19 Ministries of Rowlett) heart  

2)  THANK YOU COMMUNITY!   You have been such a blessing to this sweet family.  All the items, except 3, have been purchased so the registry has been deleted.   The three items left are:

A variety pack of batteries

A large package of 60 watt light bulbs

A small black homework desk

If you would like to purchase these items for the family, please send an email to  office@ocorowlett, or  use the "contact us" button on the home page and let us know.  


3) You can donate to OCO and designate it H.O.M.E  ATM002 on the donate button to help with deposits & rent


Thank you so much for your partnership on this journey!