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Helping Others through Mutual Efforts


A new initiative to journey with families in GISD area as they transition from living in insecure housing to a permanant housing solution.

Our goal is to partner with resources across the GISD area so that families can move to secure housing.


We successfully gathered the resources to help our first  3 families step back into security of basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, finaces, etc...) and are excited to embark on the journey with our next families.

Some of the resources we find ourselves searching for are:

  • New Furnishing for the family (furniture; kitchen necessities; soft goods, etc..)
  • Financial Mentoring/Budgeting (helping them set up a budget for success)
  • NEW Clothing for family members.
  • Financial Support for deposits on housing and utilities.
  • A whole lot of loving support and uplifting conversation!  We have made great friends during through this initiative!




  June 2021