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How We Came To Be

All of the OCO Board Members were heavily involved in community outreach throughout the area and through different organizations and churches.  As we discussed the programs and needs we were supporting, we realized that we were duplicating efforts all across the board.

We sat at dinner one night in 2009 and talked about how we could join forces to pool our recources and volunteer efforts to care for the community without making them go to 20 different places for help.

It took a very long time to fill out all the paperwork (Thank You Mason) but we received our 501c3 status (non-religious)in 2010 and began serving under the name of Operation Community Outreach!

Our goal has always been to connect and support existing programs in the community with those needing their services along with raising funds to support these programs and any others that we ourselves begin.

Each of us have a full time "day job" but we do what we can, when we can and always look for opportunities to help the residents in our community as well as give the incredible volunteers a chance to get involved!